A regular gift to the Club is a gift of sustainability. It enables us to plan knowing we will have a steady income stream that we can rely on, which will help secure the future of this precious community asset both for many more generations, and for the here and now of our local community.

You choose how much to give. Here are some examples of how your contribution might help:

  • £15 monthly will help pay for an annual supply of new games for Junior Club, keeping old-fashioned board games in good repair for the youngsters to learn from and enjoy.
  • £35 monthly will help pay for a young person to benefit from a year’s membership at the Club, helping them not only to ‘stay out of trouble’, but to build self-confidence, respect for themselves and for others, learn vital skills and experience opportunities to give back themselves.
  • £50 monthly will help pay for the average cost of a young person’s Football Association, Personal Fitness, Snow-Camp or Youth Work coaching qualification to progress their own development and enable them to give back to the Club in a more professional way.
  • £100 monthly will help pay for the annual small trips programme, where up to 15 young people, who would otherwise rarely experience such treats, can go on monthly midweek trips to places of interest, education and fun, such as ice skating, exhibitions or trampoline sessions.

  • The money saved by foregoing a latte every other day for a month would pay for one of our 700 members, enabling them to benefit from a year’s membership at the Club. If 700 supporters donated that amount, we would be in good shape to kick off the next 150 years! We hold regular events for our supporters thanks to the incredible connections of the Club.

    Download a standing order form, or click on the Donate button to make a regular gift on-line. A regular gift also reduces our administrative costs, making it the most efficient way to support us. If you are a UK tax payer, we are able to claim an additional 25% of Gift Aid on your donation.

    Visit How to get involved if you want to find out more.