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As a community-based youth club we are welcoming to all – primarily young people but also families and older members of the community. Our Gym, is a great example of how we open our doors to the local community during the day.

Reopening of the Gym safely within Government guidelines, as well as within the resources of the Club.

St Andrew’s Club Gym is open following all the government Covid-19 guidance. .

Every September is a new Club year – which means the annual registration and subs are due again.

Membership Fees 2023/24:
Age 18 to 20 years: There is a one-off fee of £22 per year. Here is the Gym Registration form .

Age 21 years and OVER: There is a one-off fee of £45 per year, unless you are on benefits or unemployed ( proof is required ) then the fee will be £33 per year. Here is the Gym Registration form.

These fees are still probably the cheapest you will find and we encourage Gym members, if you can, to give at least an additional donation of £15, on which we can claim Gift Aid, to help support our charitable work.

Check out our Gym Programme HERE .

Welcome to St Andrew's Club Gym!