Everyday Kings and Queens

01 Jul 2021

The Victoria, Victoria Westminster and Whitehall Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) have launched a campaign to thank the communities’ local heroes. These are people within the area who have continually supported the community through actions, events and their organisations. They have gone above and beyond during the pandemic to support those in the community, through their own kindness.

Two of St Andrew’s own have been recognised amongst this extremely special group of ‘Kings and Queens’. Youth Club Manager Sarah and Deputy Manager Adrian have been highlighted for their commitment to the Club’s members, their families and the wider community. Sarah and Adrian have worked incredibly hard to support all involved with the Club throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic and every lockdown period. We are so thankful they are getting recognition for their incredible and caring work.

Read more about Sarah and Adrian’s work, and the Everyday Kings and Queens campaign here: Meet our everyday Kings and Queens - Victoria BID