Friday nights at St Andrew's are returning!

05 Dec 2018

We are incredibly happy to say that in this year's Big Give Christmas Challenge we beat our target of £14,513 and raised £15,914 (including Gift Aid) to help us Bring Back Friday Night Youth Club! Twenty-eight donors have had their donations matched by the generous pledges from the Gledswood Trust, the Brocklebank Charitable Trust and The Childhood Trust to give us this total figure. Thank you so much to those of you who contributed.

This project is so important. We do not currently have a dedicated mid-age-range provision for 8-13 year olds, and the Club is currently closed on Fridays. By opening the Club on Friday evenings, we will encourage younger members of our Senior Club to have their own targeted provision, easing the transition from Junior Club (5-9) to Senior Club (9-adult). This stepping-stone will provide a valuable transition for younger members, with engaging, invaluable experiences and opportunities to build motivation, confidence and resilience- crucial life skills - in a safe space, with dedicated youth workers and targeted activities, including cookery and arts & crafts.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we can confirm that the Friday night programme will start on Friday 8 February 2019!

The Big Give is over for another year- thank you for all your support.

Friday nights will re-open at St Andrew's, offering 9-13 years old a targeted provision