Historic Football Match Between MPs and St Andrew's Club

17 Jun 2016

It's been an exciting season for St Andrews football, with some great highlights and enthusiasm shown by all teams. Most notably our senior team ran rings round MPs from all parties, winning 9-1 in a special 150th Anniversary match against the Parliamentary team.

The Under 10s have had a very strong season leading on from their previous year in organised football. Winning the League Shield Copper group final, while playing really. attractive football.

The Under 11s have also been very strong this year. Even though they are still in a development format of the league they have showed great understanding of the game, especially that this was their first season playing with the offside rule. They also won their respective League Shield Bronze group final.


The Under 12s only formed this season have shown great discipline, unity & commitment, their record at the end of the season speaks for its self, 12 wins 2 draws & 2 losses took them to become league champions. They also made the league cup final but narrowly missed out on penalties to complete a memorable winning double season. With the hard work of their manager (Michael Dornelly) & the players next season will be just as successful as the last one.

The Under 14s haven't had the best season finishing bottom of the league, but hopefully will be able to bounce back to their great potential next season. Leicester City have shown us the way!



The senior team had a great start, topping the league for the majority of the season but a few inconsistent performances saw them let the league slip away from them & finish 3rd in the league.

All in all, a season of performances to be proud of. With thanks to all those who played, and particularly who those who transported and coached the teams.

June 2016