HMS Westminster Trip

30 Sep 2022

From September 18 - 22 two members of the Club's Youth Development Team and two senior Youth Workers were able to enjoy four nights at sea from Portsmouth to Gibraltar alongside the Royal Navy after being invited to sail on HMS Westminster.

This was an incredible opportunity for our team who experienced a sample of life on board a warship, getting to see first-hand how the Royal Navy operates, conducting a man overboard drill and keeping watch for pirates. They also talked and listened to stories with the friendly and hospitable crew who shared their experiences living aboard HMS Westminster.


Enjoying a swim in the Med Relaxing on the deck Learning about the crew and equipment


The team spent their four days living as Royal Navy sailors, getting to know those on board, and trying on their military gear. The four members of staff said the experience was an incredible one, something none of them ever thought they would get the chance to do.



Meeting the crew Enjoying the view Trying on the military gear


Thank you so much to the crew of the HMS Westminster for giving St Andrew’s this fantastic opportunity and for being wonderful hosts throughout the week. This is a very special example of the opportunities offered to memebrs and staff at St Andrew's Club.

We hope to be able to do this again and give more of our members the chance to grow their sea legs.