Keeping your child occupied whilst the Club is closed

18 Mar 2020

Are you a Club member? Click HERE to find out about #VirtualAndrews and what activities we are still providing you during the Coronavirus lockdown.

At St Andrew’s Club, we understand that it is a worrying time for everyone and it is going to be challenging keeping the young people occupied.

Below are some links to websites that young people can access to keep busy whilst the Club is shut.

Please let Sarah know on if you have problems accessing the websites, or would like support getting printed copies.

We have also included some advice around your child and social media.

Child friendly website links

Social Media and Your Child – Be Safe, Be Kind

Social media is another way our young people will stay connected with each other and we suggest our families regularly check in with their children and remind them to:

  • think before they post
  • only talk to people they know outside of the world of social media
  • be kind to each other
  • take regular breaks from phones and other devices

We know the last one will be difficult, as many will be reducing their physical contact with people face to face, but it is important to look after your and your child’s mental health.

The break from St Andrew’s club will hopefully be short so we hope to see you all soon. Remember – #BeSafe #BeKind