28 May 2021

2020 Champions for Children Challenge was a huge success. We were able to raise a grand total of £22,223. A massive thank you to everyone who donated and supported our campaign last year. We received 48 donations during the campaign week, which were then matched by the Champion Funder at The Childhood Trust who gave £5,000 and our Pledge Funder, Forsters, who also matched £5,000.

We have one week - midday Tuesday 8 June - midday Tuesday 15 June - to raise £10,000 from you, our generous donors. Your £10,000 will be matched by The Childhood Trust and our partners Forsters to give us a total of £20,000.We are now preparing for the 2021 Champions for Children Challenge to ensure we can continue to provide our members and community the support they need as we begin our recovery from the Covid-19 Pandemic and once again move forward with our much-needed face to face provision.The generous donations from last year supported the salaries of our amazing Youth Workers and office staff, who in turn enabled us to support our members, their families and our community through a varied programme of activities over the Summer Project (St Andrew's Youth Club :: Summer Project ( and into the Autumn to October Half Term (St Andrew's Youth Club :: October Half Term (

The donation link will be sent out to all our supporters on Tuesday 8 June, and we hope that we you will support us once again to keep this precious community asset enriching young lives for so many young people.