28 May 2021

Since September 2019, St Andrew’s Club and four other youth organisations – Avenues Youth Project, Fourth Feathers Youth & Community Centre, Future Men (Churchill Gardens and Amberley) – have made up the five Westminster Youth Hubs. The Youth Hubs are locality-based organisations across the borough of Westminster, running safe, informal club spaces and programmes for young people. As part of Young Westminster Foundation and Westminster City Council's model, emphasising collaboration and innovation, the Hubs are supported to take on local leadership and forge partnerships to deliver youth-led initiatives that have a lasting impact on provisions for all young people in Westminster.

At St Andrew's Club, we work collaboratively with the other Youth Hubs to shape the overall development of youth services in Westminster. The aim is to build a borough-wide service for young people, drawing on the strengths and specialisms of a wide range of organisations who work hard to help young people access new opportunities and education. A key focus for the Youth Hubs will be on outreach and engagement, working with those who wouldn’t ordinarily attend youth clubs, and bring them into safe spaces with the support from trained youth workers.

Through knowledge-sharing and local leadership, Hubs bring together a diverse range of youth organisations, forging partnership opportunities and fostering a thriving community of practitioners who are ambitious for youth work. Driven by insight and the experiences of young people, Youth Hubs are supported to undertake projects that have a lasting impact on the quality of provisions for everyone growing up in Westminster.

Since the Westminster Youth Hubs' inception, St Andrew’s Club has collaborated and worked with the following young people project partners:

2-3 Degrees, Blue Orchid Hotels, Cardinal Hume Centre, Deliveraid and The Brigadier Restaurant, Feed London – A project run by Miracles the Charity, , Kitchen Social, Mousetrap Theatre Project, Redthread, Snow-Camp, Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders, Street League, The Integrated Gangs and Exploitation Unit (IGXU), The Local Family Hub at the Bessborough Centre, The Media Trust, The Reading Agency, Westminster Befriend a Family.