Praise for St Andrew's second Yuletide Concert & Reception

23 Dec 2019

Our second Yuletide Concert & Reception was even more fabulous than the last, raising nearly £4,000 for the work of the Club, and with a programme that included: world class jazz singer Elaine Delmar, award winning Royal Academy of Music Connaught Brass Quintet, the Civil Service Choir, a very moving reading of First Christmas Without Her from British broadcaster, Sue Lawley OBE, and much more.

Comments from our guests included;

It was the wonderful quality and stunning variety of music that resonated best. The brass group were outstanding. But surrounding it all was the skill of the organisers who made everything go like clockwork.
The readings were thought provoking and unusual which I enjoyed. The brass quintet were also incredible as was the Stevie Wonder performance (amazing voices!).

The renowned and talented Noel McCalla performed with Club member Scarlet Byford. Scarlet is one of our Collective Music programme graduates and her performance with Noel greatly impressed the audience.

Sponsors Knight Frank served coffee and hot chocolate before a wonderful programme of entertainment, organised by St Andrew’s supporters and local residents, John and Glynis Billett.

Over 80 concert goers and performers then joined us at the beautiful Wellington Hotel for a catered reception, sponsored by Blue Orchid Hotels. Tony Matharu of Blue Orchid Hotels opened the speeches and was followed by Susannah Odgers from Knight Frank, who told several fun anecdotes about Knight Frank’s long history.

Annette Fettes, our CEO spoke movingly about the valuable impact of Regular Giving to the Club and introduced Tom Harper, a St Andrew’s Club Youth Worker and former member. Tom gave an inspiring speech about his journey with the Club, explaining how it had supported him through various stages of his life, from helping him find funding to take him through college to providing him with training to be a coach. Tom continues to work at the Club, on top of his other jobs, and has coached our members’ football teams every weekend for the last 13 years – on a volunteer basis!

Much fun was had by all and we look forward to seeing you all at next year’s Yuletide Concert!

Just a few more comments from guests when asked what about the event stood out for them;

“I really enjoyed the variety of all the performers and readings.”

“Very professional - it was not amateur hour!”

“The quality of the music & the originality and charm of the readings.”

“The variety of performances was excellent and performers were high quality.”

Thank you to our lovely videographers/photographers, Ruben Alvarez and Alex Ionn, and editor Daniel Roberts, who all gave their time for free to create this lovely little over overview of the event!


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