Project Tuesdays at St Andrew's Club

28 Oct 2022


This year, the Club has introduced Project Tuesdays to our weekly schedule. Each Tuesday, from 6pm-8pm, all Members take part in one of two recurring themed projects that allow Members to develop new skills or take part in unique opportunities they would not otherwise have access to. Project Tuesdays in the past have covered a wide range of themes always catering to the needs and wants of our Members.


Working together to learn new skills Members are supported by the Club and community Thank you to those who have given time and effort to run projects so far



Offered projects are designed to offer a wide range of skills and opportunities and interest as many Members as possible. We aim to have two projects running every week, with one catered more towards younger Members, and the other towards the older Members. We have been fortunate to have already offered our Members a number of projects including a Kit Car Building project with Roy, a former Royal Engineer, a Hair Care project, an Understanding Puberty project, and a Creative Art project. We have a range of exciting upcoming projects, including a Money Management course presented by our corporate partners at Ruffer.

We are grateful that a number of our corporate partners are offering to run courses on a range of skills, experiences and opportunities. We hope new corporates will continue to see Project Tuesdays as a fantastic opportunity to give back to the local community. If you would like to know more about offering a project, contact Callum at

Practicing new skills Learning to build a Kit Car Members often have items to take home after projects



On top of the programme we offer Members each term, Project Tuesdays will continue to add an extra element of developing Members confidence, communication skills and giving access to skills and opportunities they would not have anywhere else. We can’t wait to give you more updates on the Club’s future Project Tuesdays.