Reflecting on last year, and looking forward to the next.

14 Jan 2022

2021 was a fantastic year for the Club. Despite the remaining difficulties of Covid restrictions, we were so glad that the majority of the year we were able to welcome members into the Club. We had some brilliant highlights, including residential trips for staff and for members, a brilliant community walk, a huge summer project and celebrating our 155th birthday. Take a look at the Club’s year here:

We are so looking forward to keeping up the momentum of 2021 into the new year. We are excited to Club has reopened as of Monday the 10th of January. In the new year, the Club is continuing our commitment to ensuring we are member led, and listening to our members needs. Through this, the Club is now opening an extra hour, from 8pm-9pm, for members ages 13 and over. This extra hour gives our eldest members an hour to relax amongst peers and spend more time with Youth Workers.

We are so excited for this new year and we will keep all our supporters updated on what should be another fantastic year at the Club.