Safer Neighbourhoods Team at the St Andrew's Club Community Walk

22 Jul 2021

The St Andrew's Community Walk held on Friday 17 July was a great success seeing the community coming together once again to support the Club and our members. We were so delighted that some Community Support Officers from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, who have consistently shown support for the Club, came along to chat with those who had completed the walk, and enjoy Adrian's Barbeque!

We are so grateful for the relationship between the Club and the Safer Neighbourhood Team and appreciate this massive accolade they gave.

"Covid-19 has had a huge effect on young people’s lives. Throughout the last year, the Club has been a lifeline for children who due to the pandemic, have been cut off from their friends and education. St Andrew’s Club has offered a healthy distraction to these young people who may have felt encouraged to breach the rules and cause anti-social behaviour. We can continue our work in the community, knowing that the Club is providing activities to young people, often preventing the need for police intervention and allowing local young people to express themselves in a supportive environment".

PC Maisie Bremer-Smith 3013AW, Vincent Square Safer Neighbourhoods Team, Belgravia Police Station