Shoe Dunnit A Movie Night At St Andrew’s

12 Dec 2023

On November 30th the Club celebrated our 157th birthday, adding another year to our proud history of enriching lives and supporting young people. St Andrew’s is the oldest youth Club in the world and we were thrilled to spend this special day at the Club with our wonderful Members.

The highlight of this special day was the premier of a new film screening for the first time at St Andrew’s. A thrilling detective mystery film starring, written by, directed by, filmed by, and edited by young people at St Andrew’s, with a special guest appearance from local police, who came to offer their assistance in this mystery.  It was such a proud moment for our young film-makers to get to share their film with an audience of their excited peers The film got a five star review from members and staff alike, and everyone at St Andrew’s is truly proud of what young people at the Club were able to create. Thank you so much to the Film Works Trust who worked with St Andrew’s on this project and gave young people at the Club the opportunity to showcase their creativity both on and behind the camera. If you would like to see the full film you can check out this St Andrew’s production via the link to our YouTube page (111) St Andrew's Club - YouTube

Thank you so much to all our supporters for a fantastic 157 years filled with amazing moments and cherished memories. It was fitting that the Club's birthday was spent enjoying the wonderful talents of our Members, as celebrating young people's achievements has always been at the heart of all the work done by St Andrew’s.  We can't wait to share with you what they do next.