St Andrew’s kit electric car – Mark 3!

23 Sep 2019

This three-month design and build Thursday night project, generously sponsored and supported by the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), culminated in Race Day on 15 September at Dunstone Park Race Track (the Top Gear track).

This was a tremendous team day of racing and support for six Club members, aged 11-16, who had committed to the project, led by Deputy Manager, Adrian.

Our thanks also go to STEM Ambassador, Roy Duffin MBE of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. He helped source and build the superb streamlined aluminium body work.

On the day, every member drove 5 laps in two races. Sadly a burst tyre slowed the team down. But they still had the best day and saw all the steps needed to change a tyre!

The project involved learning so many new skills - from using tools and the necessary health and safety, to electro mobility, design and build, to aerodynamics.

In addition, members learnt about team building, problem solving, communication and importantly – commitment to see the project through.

With continued thanks to Roy and the SMMT, we hope to work with the 2018 ‘Shark’ to remodel it to the same standard as Mark 3, so the Club will have 2 fabulous cars to race in 2020.

The team                                                                                                The car outside the Club                                                                        The support


Preparing the branding                                                                           Change of driver                                                                                    The 'Shark' ready for its make over