Summer Project 2018 - 4 weeks of fun, friends and educational activities

19 Sep 2018

This year's Summer Project, now in its 30th year, was a resounding success, with 164 young people attending our structured, participative and inclusive activity programme. The 4-week programme ran from Monday 23 July to Friday 17 August, for young people from aged 9 to 17 years.

The programme was designed to give local young people, from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities, the chance to develop confidence, respect for themselves and others, opportunities to learn vital skills and understand the importance of contributing positively back to society through a wide range of sport, art, practical skills, trips and training. The programme is especially valuable during the long summer holidays when, through boredom, young people may be tempted by involvement in negative activities, particularly those who were not going on holiday (which 57% of the members who completed the pre- Summer Project survey said they were not).

The monthly programme was designed to widely appeal, with a mixture of team games, sport, creativity and challenge, from 'Build a Giant Cake House' to virtual reality challenges, boxing and body painting.



In addition to all this, there were 3 fun trips out, including a trip to the former US Embassy in Mayfair where members were given a guided tour of the site and learned about the array of employment opportunities available there, and a 2-day trip to the Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre with our partner charity Snow-Camp, where six members tried out skiing or snowboarding.