The Collective Conscious Music Programme

27 Jun 2019

Huge congratulations to Club members Scarlet and Malachi for completing the 15-week Collective Music Programme. The Collective Conscious Music Programme is a unique opportunity designed to support young aspiring musicians to develop their talent and produce socially conscious music relevant to the world we live in today. It is focused on young people who face barriers in accessing diverse music-making opportunities due to where they live around the country.

Each week Deputy Manager, Adrian, accompanied the two to their off-site training sessions which included vocal training, lyric writing, music production and performance techniques, guided by professional music leaders. An amazing sample of Scarlet’s work can he heard here and Malachi's here. Both continued to use the music studio at the Club in between their weekly sessions.

The programme culminated in a music concert in front of a live audience on 7 June at Rich Mix - a community arts hub in East London. Watch this space for the online collective album which will soon be released! We can’t wait to find out what this leads to next for both.