The Youth Violence Commission - Interim Report

16 Aug 2018

Youth violence is undeniably a national issue and has devastating consequences for individuals, families, communities and society at large. This year, London has experienced particularly tragic levels of youth violence but this issue does not only affect the capital.

The Youth Violence Commission report, which you can read in full by clicking here, looks at identifying the root causes of youth violence and recognising evidence-based, long-term solutions to the issue. The report pinpoints youth clubs as part of the solution. From data gathered from 2,200 young people in their Safer Lives Survey which informs this report, the 'provision of more youth centres, sports clubs and other youth activities in (their) local areas' was the most popular response to the question ‘if there was one thing you could change that you think would make young people safer, what would it be?’

Rt Hon Mark Field, MP, former President and valuable supporter of St Andrew's Club is one of the Commissioners of this report. He has thanked the Club for "igniting my interest in this issue" and hopes that "the Commission as a non-partisan, all-party group will have some real influence on these matters in the years ahead."

St Andrew’s Club has always believed 'prevention is better than cure.' It offers a safe, appealing ‘neutral’ environment and a programme of activities, which are fun and varied which help to engage young people and enable them to thrive and give back to society. It is clear that the work that St Andrew's does is vital and we are very much needed.