Westminster Abbey and Jerusalem Chamber Reception

05 Dec 2016

On 29th November, the eve of St Andrew’s Day, St Andrew's Club had a very special reception in the Jerusalem Chamber following a beautiful Evensong, in which a prayer for the work of the Club over the last 150 years was said. Thanks to the generosity of The Very Reverend Dr John Hall, Dean of Westminster. The Dean not only described the history of the Jerusalem Chamber, but reinforced the strong connection between the Abbey and St Andrew’s Club, begun by George Bradley, the first Dean to support the Club in 1883.

Lord Selborne, President of St Andrew's Club was pleased to announce that Ray Mingay CMG, Peter Scott and Barry Walsh have all accepted the role of Vice-President of St Andrew’s Club. Our thanks to them for their tremendous support for the Club over many years.

It is incredible that 150 years ago St Andrew’s Home and Club for Working Boys was formed! Its invaluable contribution to the way Britain approached and dealt with the crippling poverty of 19th century London and its young people had begun a story of progress and community which has lasted for generations. Today St Andrew’s Club continues to stay relevant and fun to over 700 members from five years old.

As Barry Walsh, a member himself over fifty years ago, said: “If serving young people were only about providing facilities, our Club would be little more than a sports centre. But St Andrew’s operates at the heart of its community, it has tradition; it has soul. It’s where young people undertake a host of activities in an environment of moral leadership, inspiration and support. It is a place in which respect for others is mandatory. And, something we never forget - it is a place where young people can, and should, have, fun.”

Chairman Elizabeth Cuffy JP pointed out that the money saved by foregoing a latte every other day for a month would pay for one of our 700 members, enabling them to benefit from a year’s membership at the Club – as Barry did. If 700 supporters donated that amount, we would be in good shape to kick off the next 150 years! We hold regular events for our supporters thanks to the incredible connections of the Club.

Please visit this page if you'd like to get involved.

Our thanks to Ian Stratton and Westminster Abbey for the photos.

William Underhill and Elizabeth Cuffy                                                                  Peter Hunter and Paul Whittle                                                                               Celeste Shirvani and Elizabeth Hitchcock

Roger Luscombe and Cllr Louise Hyams                                                              Lord Selborne and Dr John Hall                                                                           Cllr Louise Hyams, Brian Wizard and William Underhill

Alex Fletcher, Midshipman Grace Alum, HMS Westminster and Emily Fletcher - Dr John Hall, The Very Reverend Dean of Westminster