Join our Gym

As a community-based youth club we are welcoming to all – primarily young people but also families and older members of the community. Our Gym, is a great example of how we open our doors to the local community during the day.

Reopening of the Gym safely within Government guidelines, as well as within the resources of the Club.

It’s been a while coming but St Andrew’s Club Gym opened back to Gym members from Monday 14 September. We thank you for your patience while we have followed all the government guidance and prepared a thorough Risk Assessment. We are delighted to welcome you back! The Club and the Gym look slightly different from usual and we will ask you to sign your Agreement to our new Covid-19 procedures, which can be read here and confirmed by email (Point 3 below).

Every September is a new Club year – which means the annual registration and subs are due again. Although the Gym was closed for nearly half of the last Club year, as a charity, whose primary purpose is to run youth programmes which enrich young lives, we are unable to offer a refund. However, the Trustees have agreed that we keep our membership subs at the same level as last year, despite a previous commitment to raise them this year and next:

Membership Fees 2020/21:
Age 18 to 20 years: £20 per year.

Age 21 years and OVER: £35 per year, unless you are on benefits or unemployed (proof is required) then the fee will be £30 per year.

These fees are still probably the cheapest you will find and we encourage Gym members, if you can, to give at least an additional donation of £15, on which we can claim Gift Aid, to help support our charitable work.

Gym opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9am-4pm (9am-9.50; 10am-10.50; 11am-11.50; 12noon-12.50; 1pm-1.50; 2pm-2.50; last booking 3pm-3.50);
Tuesday and Thursday: 9am-5pm (9am-9.50; 10am-10.50; 11am-11.50; 12noon-12.50; 1pm-1.50; 2pm-2.50; 3pm-3.50; last booking 4pm-4.50);

Tuesday and Thursday: 5.30pm-8.30pm (5.30pm-6.20; 6.30pm-7.20; last booking 7.30pm-8.20).

Slots: must be booked in advance and will be for 50mins, allowing a 10 min clearance of the space.

Numbers: 12 max per session. Some of these sessions may be shared with Personal Trainers and their clients, but numbers will not exceed 12.

To book a slot:
1. Read the Risk Assessment.
2. Read the Agreement.
3. Complete the Registration Form.
4. Email Naomi at:
a. confirming your consent to the Agreement.
b. listing your preferred booking times up to Friday 18 September. Bookings can then be made up to a week in advance.
5. Once your time slots have been agreed by St Andrew’s Club by email, you will be sent a link to Register and request for payment by BACs.
6. Depending on the time of your slot/s, St Andrew’s Club will issue you with a time limited access code, or you will be let in by a member of staff.

IMPORTANT: All bookings need to be made 24 hours in advance during our office hours of 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday. Please be aware that the office is closed over the weekend, therefore all bookings for the following week need to be made by 4pm on Fridays. Requests received over the weekend will not be actioned until Monday.

We are all getting used to new ways of living, working and exercising, and I hope you understand why it has taken us a little longer than professional gyms to open back up.

Be prepared for St Andrew's Club Gym!