Join our Gym

As a community-based youth club we are welcoming to all – primarily young people but also families and older members of the community. Our Gym, is a great example of how we open our doors to the local community during the day.

Personal Trainers offer their own fitness classes and rent space from the Club. This allows us to open the Gym, which was funded by charitable support, from 7.30am Monday-Friday and until 9.30pm Monday-Thursday and until 4.00pm on Friday. We close for two weeks over Christmas, a week at Easter, two weeks in the Summer and half terms – so we are open a guaranteed 44 weeks of the year.

Following a review of Club charges with Trustees, membership prices for the Gym increased from September 2019, with further staged annual increases to £50 by September 2022. Our priority is to try and keep the Club’s pricing low: 50p per evening for our young people, aged 9-14, an annual fee of £5 for 14-17, and the Gym as an affordable space, whilst also doing more to cover its costs.

Annual prices from September 2019:
Aged 18-21: £20 (= 45p/week)
On benefits or unemployed: £30 (= 68p/week). Proof of this is required.
Aged 21 and over £35 (= 90p/week).
If you feel you can afford an additional donation, please complete a donation form, on which we can then claim Gift Aid.

Where else would you be able to use a well-appointed gym for such prices? And your subs will be helping St Andrew’s Club continue to give other local young people, many of them on tight family budgets, the chance to thrive and give back to society through our varied youth programmes. Any additional donations (on which we can claim Gift Aid) will be warmly welcomed.

Thank you for supporting St Andrew’s Club which has been making a priceless contribution to the local community for over 150 years. And long may you continue to use our Gym!